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Recent Mira Vista House Fire  

Following the recent house fire in Mira Vista I wanted to send a reminder of the importance to have your alarm system checked. Please do not assume your system is working correctly. We are finding many homeowners in Mira Vista have had their security panels unplugged or alarm systems wiring cut when they have their phone or internet service changed. When this occurs you still get an audible alarm, but the system is unable to call security and precious time is wasted. Call us now to set an appointment for a free 10-point check of your system to ensure your system is both working properly and reporting to our central station. You can contact us at 817-294-5858 ext.0 (zero). Having your system working properly and notifying the Mira Vista central station immediately can save lives, pets and property. Thank you,

David Ross
Property Manager/Security
Mira Vista Homeowners Association, Inc.

Property Damage from Water Breaks on the Rise Most home floods start with a small leak and grow to a disastrous water flow.  Have a water bug installed to detect those small leaks before they have a chance to get out of control and become very expensive to repair. Did you know the most common major home repair in Mira Vista is damage from water breaks?  Because of the unusually cold winter coupled with aging water heaters and other appliances, we expect the number of water breaks to increase this year. The resulting cost of repair and restoration from the damage is only part of the story, in most cases residents are forced to temporarily relocate while repairs are performed, compounding the inconvenience and financial burdens. Fortunately, there is a product available that is designed to give residents and security immediate notification when a water leak occurs.  Once installed, these contacts (water bugs), monitored through your existing home alarm system, alert security when leaking water is detected.  If you are away, security will immediately respond by turning your water off until a service technicial is called. The water bug can be used with virtually any security system that accepts a dry contact closure. We recommend installing water bugs in all your water heater drip pans, in most cases these contacts can be installed for as little as $75 each. Call our office at (817) 294-5858 for more information.


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To contact Mira Vista Security: (817) 294-6627

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The Easter Egg Hunt will take place on April 20th with festivities beginning at 11 am at the country club and the egg hunt begins at noon behind the point.  See Community Development page for details.

The Spring Clean Up has been rescheduled for May 4th.  See Community Development page for details.




Alternative RFID tags are available at the security gate for vehicles that don’t have a toll tag or whose windshield won’t allow their toll tag to be read.

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