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John Dickens, Finance Committee Chairman


Mark Daniel
Ann McCrury
Richard Bender
Ryan Garton
Joe Frana
Ken Smitherman
Darrell Bevelhymer
Lee Anderson


Delinquent Accounts

James Beard                       6501 Shoal Creek                         $100,498.02
Charles Gallagher             6705 Medinah                                $74,279.03
Jimmy Daniel                     6921 Hazeltine                              $30,116.21
Doug Neal                         7000 Oakmont Terrace                   $2,323.58
Jeremy Ragan                   5912 Kittansett                               $2,306.50
Kevin Pedigo                     6621 Crooked Stick                          $1,733.00
James Raphael                 7029 Saucon Valley                          $1,185.50
James Ryfell                      6953 Laurel Valley                           $1,125.00 (Citations)


To have your name removed, please contact the HOA office at 817-294-5858.



To contact Mira Vista Security: (817) 294-6627

or (817) 292-7564


The Architectural Control Committee is proposing updating the prohibited plants list for Mira Vista.  See the Architectural Control Committee page for details.

The Holiday Hayride is now taking reservations.  See the Community Development page for details.

Alternative RFID tags are available at the security gate for vehicles that don’t have a toll tag or whose windshield won’t allow their toll tag to be read.

The Community Development Committee now has a Facebook page! Link is available on the Committee Updates section for the Community Development Committee. "Like" the Facebook page to receive notifications.