The following link contains the list of proposed prohibited plants in Mira Vista.



Please submit any renovations or modifications done to the outside of your property to the Mira Vista HOA office for approval.  Any work that has not been approved, will be halted until it has been approved.  Please call the office at (817) 294-5858 x 5 for information.


Examples includes landscape, roofing, windows, yard art, solar panels, and remodeling.


Mira Vista Architectural Control Committee Members:

Tim Chovanec

Andy Riemitis

Brian Smith

Bill Arias

Ron Huff

Beth Beckwith

Robert Green

Lee Hill-Architect


To contact Mira Vista Security: (817) 294-6627

or (817) 292-7564


The Architectural Control Committee is proposing updating the prohibited plants list for Mira Vista.  See the Architectural Control Committee page for details.

The Holiday Hayride is now taking reservations.  See the Community Development page for details.

Alternative RFID tags are available at the security gate for vehicles that don’t have a toll tag or whose windshield won’t allow their toll tag to be read.

The Community Development Committee now has a Facebook page! Link is available on the Committee Updates section for the Community Development Committee. "Like" the Facebook page to receive notifications.